Solar Energy

We investigated solar energy by wrapping chocolate biscuits in different materials, to see which materials absorb the most heat.  We used black paper, white paper, green paper and aluminium foil to wrap up a biscuit [...]

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Aero Props

It was great fun experimenting with Aero props for science.  We learnt that wings use an airfoil to generate lift to stay flying. The wing divides the air into two streams.  One flows over the [...]

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The Taste Test!!

 Taste is one of our five senses. We tasted spicy noodles, salty pretzels, sour lemon, sweet biscuit and bitter vegemite. Some food we loved, some food we didn't. I loved the lemon because it was [...]

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Science in Room 3

Five senses experiments - We use our eyes to see fantastic colour experiments. We put water and food colouring in two glass jars and plain water in the middle. Then we joined the glass jars [...]

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