Fish Reflecting Poem

Shining snapper zooming through the sea Dodging the sharp rocks and seaweed. scales sparkling in the sun.   Slimy snails slipping into the rock pools. Crabs crawling  over the rocks. Sharp oysters cutting peoples feet [...]

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My Amazing Sea

  My Amazing Sea Under the thunder like waves,there is a new world Stingrays with very many patterns on their backs Super beautiful ocean   Glistening fish scales I can see marvelously So pretty and shiny [...]

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Sea Fish Poem

Fish shining in the sea  zipping zooming as all can be there snails slippery as butter in the sea. Salty salty sea shimmering as can be all the creatures underneath the deep blue sea. Green [...]

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The Forest

As the light faded the darkness came. I ran through the woods and the beast followed. My heart pounded it grabbed me! I screamed hoping someone could hear me. the world around me span in [...]

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