July 2021

We are very pleased to let you know that we have been working alongside ERO in their new role of support for schools as well as with Brent Wagner. Brent is a SAF ( Student Achievement Focus) advisor who is in school every second Tuesday. He leads an action team who meet from 3-5pm on the Tuesday afternoon, working together to raise our student achievement at Tomarata School. The Action team is made up of staff, Board members & parents. ANY parent is welcome at any time to work with the team. Please do come along to have your voice heard.

The new ERO pathway ( Te Ara Huarau) is to achieve quality , equity & excellence in a culturally & contextually responsive way. It is a participatory & collaborative process for improvement. We are working together with them to evaluate, build evaluative capacity & support continuous improvement in outcomes for all our Tomarata learners.

There are 5 stages to the ERO process: Initiating; Exploring & Focusing; Designing; Evaluating for Improvement; & Reporting & Planning, with 3 levels in a continuum ( Early; Developing; Well Developed).  We are very pleased to report that Tomarata School is at the Developing level of the continuum meaning that we are  operating with established processes for internal evaluation on https://rusbank.net/offers/microloans/10000-rubley. We are at Stage 3 of the process ( Designing) where we are collaboratively designing the school evaluation processes including questions, sources of information methods, activities, responsibilities, timeframes & participants. We are excited at the further improvements this will make to the teaching & learning at Tomarata School.

The ERO process can be found on the ERO website ( Education Review Office).

Cherylene Neels