Welcome to Tomarata School. We are a small,diverse and exciting Decile 5, full primary (Years 1-8) rural school with an amazing bunch of children, teachers and support staff. We are well supported by our friendly community , with all the benefits of a stunning country location and environment.

For learning spaces we have a block of 4 new, attractive classrooms, an older block of 3 classrooms and the ‘Rata Room’ for activities such as music, dance and drama or special events. We also have a hall, library, swimming pool, playing field, adventure playground, shade sails, a small orchard, worm farms, class gardens, a butterfly garden, a ‘Recycled Garden’ and a much-loved sandpit.

Following the building of our new block of 4 classrooms we have inherited a large pile of topsoil .Our ‘Dirt Mountain’ is a very popular place to play! Our children have been very creative, carving steps up the back of the pile,and they use a variety of tools to take part in numerous games there. They are real country kids-climbing trees, building huts and wearing gumboots

Our students are very caring, showing empathy and understanding towards each other. They love their learning programmes, enjoy contributing their ‘student voice’ and enjoy the opportunities for leadership that are provided. We have 4 Houses- Kiwi, Kereru, Kakapo and Kea.

Please take the time to review our website, and Facebook page, to see the wonderful learning environment that  Tomarata School is.

Cherylene Neels