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Swimming sports

Fortunately I got to go to swimming sports. Unfortunately I had to go on the bus. Fortunately we got there in time. Unfortunately it took a while. Fortunately I got to see Holly the baby. Unfortunately [...]

By |2017-03-02T19:58:22+12:002nd March 2017|Past Blogs|0 Comments


In the AMAZING holidays I went to the BEACH.  We had CHRISTMAS with my mum.  My mum has a DOG called Flash.   We had scrambled EGGS for lunch and dinner.  I  went FISHING with [...]

By |2017-02-25T20:17:06+12:0025th February 2017|Past Blogs|0 Comments

The Door

I felt anxious when I was walking with her.  I smelt her carrying potions.  We were walking down the city path.  At the end there was a DOOR.  The door said "Come in."   So [...]

By |2017-02-22T09:33:46+12:0022nd February 2017|Room 5|2 Comments