Balloon Static

It was all about balloons in Room 5 today.  We were investigating how to make static electricity and show electricity attracting and repelling.  We learnt that everything around us is made up of tiny little [...]

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Hot Yeast Buns

Today we cooked some hot yeast buns.  It was great fun kneading the dough and shaping it into our buns.  We had to wait for the yeast to work so the buns would rise.  Luckily [...]

By |2019-04-10T14:59:05+12:0010th April 2019|Room 5|1 Comment

Playdough time!!

On Thursday morning we got all our ingredients together - Flour, cream of tartar, salt, oil, boiling water and food colouring. We each had a turn at measuring, stirring, tipping and mixing. It [...]

By |2019-04-04T14:43:53+12:004th April 2019|Room 2|1 Comment

Maths Whizz

Maths Whizz has had an update.  It no longer requires "Flash" to operate which means we can log in with Safari.  There is a whole new look to the programme that the students are very [...]

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Aussie Rules

We had an exciting time today learning the rules and skills for Aussie Rules.  We ended our skills session with a kicking game and we can see already we have some great kickers who might [...]

By |2019-11-03T17:17:57+12:003rd April 2019|Past Blogs, Room 5|2 Comments
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