Cross Country

We had a great day at the Cross country at Pakiri School.  The weather was pleasant and we had lots of parents and grandparents to cheer us on.  It was impressive to see all our [...]

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Tomarata Show Day

What a fantastic day it was.  Lovely healthy looking animals, amazing sculptures and gardens and great weather.  The student's stalls were interesting and popular.  The indoor exhibits were as impressive as ever.  Well done Tomarata. [...]

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Surfing at Te Arai

Thanks to Surf Aotearoa, our Year 4, 5 and 6 students were lucky to have the opportunity to learn to surf at Te Arai this week.  We have some more experienced surfers already, but we [...]

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Hiwi the Kiwi

We were lucky to be entertained by the Minstral and Mrs Minstral this week.  They not only shared some cool songs, they  shared some important messages about looking after our environment and our fish.  Some [...]

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Our Japanese Visitors

We were fortunate to have some Japanese visitors at school recently.  They can use three different languages to write in and it looks very challenging.  They showed us how to write our names.  Thanks Chris [...]

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Aero props

We have been learning about flight using the aero props.  By spinning the stick between our hands we could get the propellor to lift in the air.  We learnt that the wing divides the air [...]

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The Tortoise and the Hare

What a great show.  Thanks to the New Zealand Playhouse we had an entertaining morning enjoying their production of the Tortoise and the Hare.  It is amazing what three actors/ actresses can achieve.  [...]

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100 day celebration

On Tuesday and Wednesday we celebrated 100 days at school. Over the holidays the children had to create something with a 100 theme. In class we counted to 100, made 100 days smarter crowns, coloured [...]

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Tough Gal and Guy Challenge

    We had a great group of Tomarata students entered in the Tough Gal and Guy challenge.  They look like they had an amazing time.  The entrants loved getting muddy.  Some temporarily lost their [...]

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