I hear the rapids as our raft goes up the escalator. We hit the water, “Three forward!” our instructor Anthony yells. We paddle three strokes forward and go down the first rapid. Our raft hits the next level of water, the speed of the raft escalates. Bang! The next rapid goes

DSCN3445underneath the raft.

“Two forward, then hold on!” We go down the big rapid, water flies into the raft as we float down the river and over the remaining rapids. Then proceed to drift out to the lake.

As we go up the escalator for the second time, Anthony tells us he’s going to make this round harder. This lap we were told that we are going down the rapids backwards.

There was a scrapping sound as the raft slides off the grips of the escalator.

“Two backwards!” Anthony yells. We paddle and the raft thumps over the rapids. When we got to the big rapid, it pretty much felt like the raft was going to flip.

“Violence in the front!” Anthony cries as we hit one of the beams that are on the side of the river. Once we reach the lake we paddle a little bit closer to the shore then we jumped from the raft and swan back to short. That day was so much fun, I want to do it again!