White water rafting

The first time I crab walked across the river the water was freezing. Each time I walked across the river is got a bit easier because more and more people went across at once. I learnt that if you need to cross a moving river the best way to do it is to make a triangle shape, with the smallest or an injured person at the back.

Haylee and I got to sit in the front of the raft I was so excited. My group got to go around the course four times. It was really funny when we put the nose of the raft into the biggest dip, Haylee and I got soaked. It felt like the raft was sinking. On the third time going around we had to stand up the whole time, I made sure I was holding onto the ropes!

DSCN3439When I went up the escalator for the first time a bunch of thoughts were rushing through my head. How fast are we going to go, I wonder if anyone is going to fall out of the raft, is my raft going to tip over? Luckily for me I didn’t fall out of the raft and my raft did not tip over. In the end I had an amazing, thrilling and exciting day, a day that I won’t forget.