If I was walking with someone I didn’t like I would feel nervous because he might suddenly go hi-po.

 I can’t trust him and I absolutely don’t like him at all. He smells like stinky socks and his face looks like he will make a sudden move really quickly.  His face expressions look like his heart is burning with anger.   I can hear his brain rustling with a scary plan like a pack of cheetahs surrounding a gazelle. We go round the corner and there is a dark, dark alley with a lot of rubbish stinking like moldy cheese.

Anyway, down the windy alley we go with a rustling and shivering wind blowing by. We come to a big door.  It says “Keep Out”. We ignore the sign and enter. Inside there is a wide cave. It is very unstable. Huge boulders fall one by one as we quietly creep past. The cave keeps getting narrow. There is an owl tooting as we walk past.  We come to a curved cramped building with a tiny thin trigger like door. I pull the trigger and push nervously.

Inside there is a small swamp. It is as wide as an elephant. On the other side there is an enormous monster in a cramped building.  The house has just a kitchen and a bedroom.  I now understand why the door said “Keep Out” and why that swamp was there.  I open yet another door…

Beep, Beep, Beep.  The monster woke up immediately.  Grrrr. His face looks weird. We rush out the door.  The monster came storming out behind us. He is thumping down the hill and is chasing us out faster and faster.  I turn round and run wide and then back to the exit of the cave.  It is blocked.  The monster is creeping up behind me.  I search through my backpack.  I find a drill and begin carving my way to the door.  I slam it shut and run through the alley and back home.

That’s the end. Boo!