In the AMAZING holidays I went to the BEACH.  We had CHRISTMAS with my mum.  My mum has a DOG called Flash.   We had scrambled EGGS for lunch and dinner.  I  went FISHING with my mum and we caught some fish.  I  made a house for the dolls using GLUE.   I had to go to the hospital for my hand.  Afterwards we had ice cream with my mum.   I went to Tia’s party where we had jelly.  I saw a KOALA.  I had MC DONALDS with my mum. I watched the NEWS I went to the beach and I saw an OCTOPUS.  I went to PANCAKE ROCK where I saw the QUEEN with my mum.  I went for a SWIM at the beach a lot of times.   I got new TOGS for Christmas.  We used an UMBRELLA for the rain.   Flash had to go to the VETS.   We had to WALK to Pancake Rock.  I played with an XZYLOPHONE.  YAY it’s bedtime Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.