In the holidays I went to an awesome holiday park and did lots of biking.   I slept in a caravan.  I had lost my tooth the day before so I got two dollars the next morning.  I met a girl named Emma.  We went fishing at night. The next day we went to Goat Island .For dinner we had Hawaiian food.  While I ate I wrote a  card about an island.  That night I dreamed about jellyfish creeping around a kayak.  Lauren woke me up.  The next day we put on some magical nail polish and my nails looked like oysters on pizza.  I felt like the queen while I was reading about people swimming.  I got a toothache after swimming in the rain so I had to go under the umbrella.  It was very annoying.  When I got there I was tired like a worn out, extremely droopy yoyo.  ZZZZZZZZZ.