In the AWESOME holidays, I was BEGGING my dad to go to the CRICKET game because after I would get a yummy DRINK.   EDEN Park was hosting the game.  As usual there was a lot of FOURS.  The GRASS was smoother than my HILLY cricket field. We missed the very start of New Zealand INNINGS. As I sat in my seat my heart JUMPED with excitement. I looked at Australia’s shirt. It had a KANGAROO on it. Cricket takes forever to play so I had a LATE night. During NZ’s innings the crowd went mad with the MEXICAN wave. Suddenly NEW ZEALAND began to score runs rapidly. New Zealand were also successful with the decision “OUT”. Next Eden PARK was QUIET. After a little while the RUNS began to SLOW down. Australia TOOK wickets like mad. As the UMPIRES left the field for lunch, children came on.  Still, the VENUE was empty. Australia’s top order lacked runs as early WICKETS fell EXTREMELY fast. In the middle of Australia’s innings the game was paused as a YOUNG man ZOOMED across the field without his clothes.