Dear Parents, Caregivers and Families
Kia ora, kia orana, talofa, malo e lelei, fakaalofa atu, hello and greetings

From the Principal

Good evening everyone

Many apologies for the lateness of this newsletter. Internet down at school and home makes for a very grumpy Principal!! SOOOOOOOO schools back next week. YAHOO how exciting. I know that there are some very happy and excited kids, relieved parents and happy teachers waiting for Monday to come. It seems so long ago that I locked the doors and put up the yellow notices.

Tomorrow a video will be put out to you and your children from the teachers welcoming them back. Please watch it with them and any questions or concerns they may have, please email them to their teacher. Our aim is to make this return to school as stress free and happy as we can.

Please be assured that Tomarata School is a SAFE place for your children to return back to. I know that some of you are still keeping your children at home. I am happy to accomodate this, but please know that the the Ministry is only making this allowance for a couple of weeks. After that the expectation is that ALL children must return to school and we have been instructed to mark non attendance as truancy unless there is a valid reason. If you have issues about your children returning after 2 weeks contact me and we will work things out.

In saying that we are not completely back to normal, and under Level 2 there are still some restrictions. They are as follows:

#school buses will be running. Children will have to sanitise their hands when they get on. The 2 rows of seats will be blocked off behind the driver. Children can sit beside their friends

# you have to drop your children off and pick them up if coming by car in a coned off area in front of the office. You are not permitted to walk your children to class. So can you please make the see you later alligator hugs & kisses as happy and ok as possible to lessen their anxiety

#if you have to go into the office it will be a 1 in, 1 out process. You will need to sanitise your hands and sign in via VISTAB for tracing. There will be crosses on the steps and deck for waiting/social distancing

#if you need to pick your child up early you will need to go to the office, follow the above process, and wait there for your child to be brought to you

#we will be following strict hygiene processes in class. All eating will take place at tables. hands will sanitised entering and exiting the class and before break times  and eating. All the tables will be spray cleaned before and after eating and at the end of the day

# there will be no Kapa haka or assemblies until Term 3

# ANY child who shows ANY signs or symptoms of illness ( runny nose, coughing, sneezing, headache, feeling unwell) WILL BE SENT HOME. There will be NO exceptions to this rule

# there will be no need to keep the 1-2 metre distances; however the students will be reminded NOT to touch each other, and not to be close enough to feel each other’s breath

# children will be able to use the playground, climb trees, build huts, ride their scooters and skateboards. We won’t be having sports equipment available at break times- only for PE sessions

# we are closing the water fountains as children’s mouths and spit will be a health risk. So every child will need to bring 1 or 2 full drink bottles. We cannot offer bottles of water, but they can refill their bottles safely from classroom taps.The water is TOTALLY SAFE

Now for happier things- your photos were delivered to my house by Tanja today. So they will be given out on Monday to you at the gate, or in bags for bus students. They are sooo good!

I have been so proud of the work the children have produced! Looking forward to seeing my gorgeous kids on Monday.


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