Dear Parents, Caregivers and Families
Kia ora, kia orana, talofa, malo e lelei, fakaalofa atu, hello and greetings

From the Principal

The below are preliminary instructions and information regarding operating at COVID-19 Level 2. They may be subject to change.

Staff return information – Covid 19 – Level 2 – Health and Safety plan

  • Staff and children to maintain a physical distance so that they are not breathing on or touching each other, coupled with good hygiene practices
  • No mass gatherings – e.g. Assemblies, Powhiri. Kapa haka will not happen due to the 1m rule 
  • Contact tracing registers will be kept on your daily roll on EDGE, and on VisTab for visitors.  No parents in classes. 
  • Parents will be restricted to the office and front hard court by office only, for drop offs and pickups
  • Teachers and staff can move freely between groups of students and staff
  • Cleaning spray will be provided to clean surfaces during and at the end of the day;  this can be used for classroom equipment
  • Hand sanitiser to be used at entry and exit from classrooms and in shared spaces.  Soap and water and the ability to dry hands is in all toilets
  • PE lessons and access to playgrounds and equipment is allowed
  • Classrooms can be used by different groups/classes and different groups of students in each class
  • Wash hands/sanitise before and after playtime and lunchtime
  • Lunches MUST be eaten at tables in the classrooms. Tables to be sprayed before and after eating
  • There is NO requirement to wear PPE
  • There will be distanced seating in the staffroom 
  • Activities can take place as long as there is 1m distance between students
  • Cleaning – regular cleaning of surfaces by teachers as and when required;  cleaner will do a full clean at the end of the day.

Parent information – Covid 19 – Level 2 – Health and Safety plan

  • Parents MUST keep sick students at home
  • ANY student showing ANY signs of sickness will be sent home
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres is recommended for parents and caregivers, from people they don’t know
  • The school office will be one in and one out for Level 2. There will be a cross on the step for waiting
  • Parents are only allowed on the front hard court area in front of the office, or in the office.  Please respect this requirement – we do not want any parents in classrooms or gathering in the school other than the front hard court.  Use the front court as a goodbye and gathering point.There will be cones to indicate where you can be
  • If you need to pick your child(ren) up early you must go to the office and sign them out. Vicki or a teacher aide will then collect your child and bring them to you 

Parents are also to bring any devices that were sent to them from the Ministry. These now belong to the school, and must be accounted for against the Ministry registry. 

Please note that these are preliminary instructions and may be subject to change

Many thanks for your continued support of your children and Tomarata School.

Cherylene Neels ( Principal) and staff

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