On Monday Mum,  Dad, Brooke, our friends and I went to Omaha and Point Wells for a big walk.  We were meant to be playing mini golf but it was closed.  So we went to the playground to play. We met our friends there and spent the rest of the morning playing there. When I was trying to go down the slide I tumbled in and hurt myself. There was two playgrounds and I went on both of the playgrounds. There was also a lighthouse, two boats, a castle, and a fire truck. After a long play on the playground Brooke and I went to the playground. We went to the animals.  Then we got lunch.  Our lunch was chips.  I  also had an ice cream. Then we went to the beach.  We looked at the rock pools.  I saw a lot of starfish and put some in the water.  I also saw a little fish swim under a rock.  Next we had a little play in a playground. Later our friends left.  But mum, dad Brooke and I didn’t leave. We did a short walk. It looped up to the road our car was parked at. Then we went home.  I was watching a dark cloud behind us on the way home.