Yesterday in class Room 7 took on the wero/challenge of adding or subtracting one habit from our lives for 30 consecutive days in an attempt to experience how people form new habits or begin to change current habits. 

The learning objective being to discover that our habits and behaviours do not need to define us, or control our behaviours. Unfortunately, for all of us at different times, particularly when we are under stress; some habits and impulses do a good job of taking the drivers seat and controlling us. 

SO, for the 30 days of March – we are going to take the power back!  

Here is a link to a blog written about the TED-ed clip we watched and a few ideas to promote thinking about what our individual 30 day challenge may be. 

Talk to your children about what they have decided to add or take away. Maybe even join them! 

The official start date is the first of March. 

Students will each have a March print out coming home. Maybe pop it on the fridge. 

It would also be fantastic if students declared their personal 30 day challenge and uploaded a photo or comment on their personal dojo profile each day of them completing their 30 day challenge. This can be done by accessing their profile via the parent app.