We had a magnificent day yesterday. It was fun on the bus. When we arrived at Rodney College we were welcomed into the hall. We sang songs to them and they sang back. After that we went to play games like poi, sticks and taiaha.    Ellie

I had a fun day yesterday because we went to Rodney College. The first thing we did was have a powhiri and the big kids sang to us. Then they did a haka. They were loud! My favourite part was the Pukana game. We had to stand in a circle and swing our arms to the next person and say Pukana!!   Ayla

On Tuesday I went to the Marae at Rodney College. Me and Lacey did the stick games. Then we had morning tea. Some people brought us baking to eat. I had a cupcake.     Eden

What an amazing day yesterday! We went to Rodney College on the bus. It was fun. First the Rodney girl called us into the hall. Maasi and Hunter stood up and did their pepeha speeches. We sang very well. I met a friend there too.     Anaya

Yesterday we went to Rodney College. We had a powhiri. They sang a song to us then we sang back. We got in our groups. We played taiaha games then we swapped over and practiced the haka.    Lacey