Wow we had an awesome day last Thursday! First we had brain break. After that we went for a bush walk. Taine lead us through. A cute little fantail came and talked to us. Tweet tweet!!

By Harlem

Yesterday we went to the bush for a walk. A little fantail was talking to us.

By Sam

Yesterday we went to the Mangawhai Museum. I liked the mystery boxes. We saw Kauri gum too. I liked the shells and the birds. After the museum we had lunch and played on the playground.

By Ruby

Yesterday we went to the  Mangawhai Museum. First we had brain break and then we went for a walk. There was sand on the pathway and we also walked over a bridge. When we got back from the walk we had morning tea. 

By Ellie. 

Yesterday we went to Mangawhai Museum. First we had our brain break and then a bush walk. In the museum I saw the ANNOYING toilet!! It said “Oi I’m in here!” I said “Oi I’m out here ya dobber”.

By Archie