We were rushing around the streets trying to beat Jades mum Sheryl to get to the library. My seat was burning from the heater.  We had finally arrived.

 As we walked to our very new looking library we trotted through the very expensive glass sliding doors. We were greeted by some very nice visitors from the Auckland museum. At first I thought they were from Samoa or Fiji.  I wondered what we would be doing today.      

 They lead us down to the very back of the library where the visitors have secured a spot with a table with all sorts of island stuff. We sat around a pretty woven mat with flowers.  I could not sit still, it was so interesting.

They tried to get us to guess what island they were in. We got it eventually.  We were in Samoa.

 The visitors told us of their ancestors and taught us a special dance to catch fish and harvest plants at Matariki. We paddled to Raratonga.  We laughed like a pack of hyenas when we had to do the sala. Finally we got to the island Aotearoa. We did a Haka. I liked the last bit when the boys got to poke out their tongues.

 Soon the librarian took us on a tour around the library. We got to go in the STAFF only area. That’s right.  Staff only. Yes, feel so jealous. We had a super duper time.