Big Bang Theory

By Sam

Did you know that the Earth was first just a small speck in the vast blackness of space?

According to Edwin Hubble’s “Big bang theory”, . The universe started about 15 billon years ago as a small speck, smaller than a pinhead.

Eventually after a very long time this speck exploded all of a sudden into a galaxy known as the Milky Way.

 When the “Big bang” happened it let loose a big amount of energy , the Universe grew from smaller than a pinhead to bigger than a galaxy (and it is still expanding today.)

After 100,000 million years stars began to form. Large clusters of stars became the first galaxies.

Collisions between galaxies were common, like two flames merging together they made bigger galaxies.

This was how our Milkyway galaxy was made.

 9 billion years after the big bang theory our solar system was born.

Earth, is the third planet from the Sun and the only planet that we know that has life.

Earth has taken billions of years to form from the beginning of the “Big Bang” And our galaxy is still expanding today.