12 February 2020


Dear parents 

What a wonderful opportunity for you all to have your say on the vision and future direction of Tomarata School, as well as forming our new values. This letter is to inform you of how Monday and Tuesday will work. The most important day for parents is Monday the 17th February.  Tuesday the 18th is more directed at the teachers, but you are more than welcome to attend if you wish to. The days start at 8am and finish at 3pm. However you are more than welcome to come for just a part of the day if you wish.Lunch will be provided. It is important to let me know if you are attending so that you can be put into a group. If you need to bring children they will be cared for in Room 1. Please provide lunch and water for them. They will be allowed to play on the playground, use classroom choosing activities, and/or watch a movie. 

The day will involve working as a group to brainstorm ideas in answer to 8 questions. Then there will be a voting process to go through. This will be explained to you by the facilitators, as well as the ethics behind it. There will be a morning session, with no real break for morning tea. There will be biscuits, lollies and water in the classrooms. We will then break for lunch, followed by the afternoon session. They will be led by Bill Martin from America, and Mary Wilson from New Zealand. They are the founders of  the Schools That Deliver Professional Learning Group. This is the beginning of a 3 year programme that the school will be involved in. 


I know that this has caused some issues with the school being closed so close to the holidays. Ordinarily I would have organised to have these days in the holidays, however dates that Bill was available to come from America were limited due to a high demand from NZ schools,  as well as the other countries using this system. It cannot be a normal school day as all the staff are involved in the brainstorming & voting process too. It also needs to be done at the beginning of the year. I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused. If you are unable to attend, you can email me your views for revisioning and the values that you think are the most important. 


Kind regards


Cherylene Neels