Student Voice

Congratulations to our 2020 Student Voice Reps

  • Room 4  |  Cate Richards and Robbie Bromhead

  • Room 5  | Mitchell Elliott and Ellie Russell

  • Room 6  |  Lincoln Clapham and Alexis Bromhead

  • Room 7  |  Hunter Wood and Poppy Barnes

Student Voice Reps

New reps are voted in each year by their classmates and we welcome them at assembly and in the newsletter. The reps consult with students to collaboratively build our action plan for the year. This is an important leadership role in the classes, and in the school. The Room 5 reps share meeting information (and seek student feedback as appropriate) to Room 2, and the Deputy Reps from Room 6 – Willow Mitchell and Finn Andrews share with Room 3.

Mrs Robyn Sibtsen leads the Student Voice meetings which are held in the Library. This year the Student Voice group will be supporting our Helping Hands Group with school fundraising events such as discos and Guy Fawkes.

We encourage feedback from students on a variety of things that are important around our school, to further improve ….. where we learn; where we play; how we care; and how we learn.