Helping Hands  |  PTA

2021: We have an enthusiastic parent support group called the ‘Helping Hands’. Fundraising is a key role for this group, as well as being a consultative body and discussion group for new school initiatives and/or reviews.

Meeting dates and times for particular groups are advertised in the school newsletter and our school Facebook page so keep an eye out and come along.

We need more parents to join as we are a very small group:

  • To organise our discos (usually 2 each year)

  • To help prepare and sell food at events such as Show Day, Junior Tabloids, Soccer/Hockey Tournament

  • To support our Guy Fawkes event (see below)

  • To organise some ‘Sausage Sizzle’ lunches for our children

  • To support special events

Major Fundraising Event

Guy Fawkes