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Welcome Miss Hunter

Today Room 4 welcomed Miss Hunter a student teacher from Massey University into their classroom. Miss Hunter is observing Room 4 until the end of term.  She will also take some small Reading groups and [...]

By |2015-03-09T21:46:29+12:009th March 2015|x2015 Posts|1 Comment

Student Voice Reps

Congratulations to Tara Williams and Andrew McNaughten for being voted to represent Room 4 at Student Voice meetings.  Erin Ostermann is our back up representative, if either Andrew or Tara are unable to attend meetings. [...]

By |2015-02-25T21:48:21+12:0025th February 2015|x2015 Posts|0 Comments

Future Black Caps

Yesterday morning Room 4 got the opportunity to experience holding a cricket bat correctly.  Especially which side of the bat was to connect with the ball.  Then we learnt how to place our hands so [...]

By |2015-02-25T14:59:39+12:0024th February 2015|x2015 Posts|2 Comments

The Skylighters

Sara's mum came to school today and read one of Sara's favourite books.   The Skylighters. Today we experienced  a lot of bad weather - thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and so Sara's mum thought she would [...]

By |2014-10-29T16:01:39+12:0029th October 2014|x2013-2014 Posts|0 Comments

Wait and See

Science Experiment this week involves using our eyes only. We needed 2 eggs, 2 containers, water and vinegar. Filling one container with water and one container with vinegar we put one egg in each container. [...]

By |2014-08-31T17:16:47+12:0031st August 2014|x2013-2014 Posts|1 Comment